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Side Dishes //

trust me. [whipped goat cheese & cranberry sauce crostini w. homemade candied orange zest]
saying goodbye to summer. [tomato tarts w. herb-flavored goat cheese & basil]
to the rescue. [arugula & couscous salad]
sweet & savory. [smashed blackberry & whipped goat cheese crostini]
hello, summer. [watermelon panzanella salad]
summer staple. [mexican street corn (elote)]
pieces of the past. [shrimp & squash pilaf]
let’s get grillin’. [balsamic-marinated grilled artichokes]
game changer. [deconstructed french onion soup]
spring salad. [quinoa, arugula, asparagus & pea salad]
the list goes on. [air fryer onion rings]
beginner’s luck. [persian-ish rice with tahdig]
it’s poppin’. [jalapeño poppers w. maple sausage & cream cheese]
another favorite. [greek chicken w. lemon butter orzo]
super simple. [pastrami, swiss & pepperoncini crescent rolls]
falling for you. [fall salad w. apple cider poppy seed dressing]
sweet summer. [fresh corn salad]
let the beet drop. [beet salad w. goat cheese, pistachios & orange vinaigrette]
simply the best. [crab cakes w. remoulade]
non-traditional. [irish nachos]
stars & stripes. [italian pasta salad]
crowd-pleaser. [bacon jalapeño popper dip]
look no further. [hatch chile sausage queso]
look who’s back. [grilled avocado stuffed w. grilled corn salad]
it’s been a minute. [cheeseburger tater tot cups]
wingin’ it. [creamy potato salad]
absent. [chicken fried rice]
true life. [pimento cheese dip]
a lighter choice. [mediterranean turkey meatballs w. herbed yogurt sauce]
fire it up. [grilled shrimp]
summer countdown. [grilled eggplant w. caprese salsa topping]
picnic in the park. [classic coleslaw]
picnic prep. [pesto pasta salad w. salami & heirloom tomatoes]
spruce it up. [sun-dried tomato & basil hummus]
home sweet home. [scalloped potatoes & ham]
so long, summer. [pineapple, coconut & cashew rice]
back at it. [greek orzo salad]
green machine. [green goddess dressing]
game time. [chicken wings w. buffalo sauce]
hop on board. [ground turkey zucchini boats stuffed w. bell pepper, mushroom, onion & tomato]
feeling crazy. [mini tater tot cups w. cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado & sour cream]
third time’s a charm. [savory mashed sweet potatoes]
sweet & spicy. [homemade peach salsa w. a kick]
the lighter side. [potato salad w. blue cheese, crispy bacon & grated hard-boiled egg]
grilling season. [spicy grilled corn salad w. avocado & cotija]
ooey gooey. [spicy queso dip]
masterpiece. [buffalo chicken zucchini boats topped w. melted cheddar, goat cheese, bacon & ranch dressing]
the gang’s all here. [pickled red onions & pickled cauliflower]
feeding my obsession. [quinoa crusted chicken strips w. bbq honey mustard]
just a kick. [bacon-wrapped buffalo chicken jalapeño poppers]
potato, potAto. [smashed red-skinned potatoes w. chives & bacon]
a good find. [parmesan & spinach orzo]
settled in. [sweet corn risotto]
gobbled up. [potato croquettes]
dig in. [baked potato wedge nachos w. pepper jack cheese, bacon, jalapeno & guacamole]
facing fears. [creamy lemon risotto w. peas, asparagus & parmesan]
lighten up. [baked mozzarella bites w. homemade marinara sauce]
all aboard. [zucchini boats stuffed w. couscous, bell peppers, mushrooms, feta & toasted pine nuts]
back in action. [avocado, chickpea & quinoa salad w. lemon-mustard vinaigrette]
that’s a first. [tricolor quinoa and black bean salad]
late to the game. [jalapeño poppers w. sausage & parmesan]
pop ’em. [goat cheese, parmesan & pancetta stuffed baby bell peppers]
a nice change. [roasted tomato soup w. lemon arugula pesto]
hint of fall. [cremini mushroom & ricotta cheese toasts]
can it. [homemade dill pickles]
putting the pieces together. [lemon, asparagus & heirloom tomato pasta salad]
fresh. [orzo salad w. chickpeas, basil, feta & mustard vinaigrette]
sweetness. [honey walnut shrimp]
Lean on Lamb Supper Club. [crock-pot sliced lamb w. Greek yogurt, mint & pomegranate w. a pomegranate & cinnamon reduction]
happy belated 4th of July! [recap]
summer lovin’. [soba noodles w. vegetables & chicken in peanut sauce]
versatile. [cuban black beans and rice]
snacks on snacks. [red pepper, fontina & mango quesadilla]
¡fiesta! [fresh serrano salsa]
no brainer. [artichoke & parmesan dip]
until next year. [quinoa & black bean salad]
speak of the devil. [avocado deviled eggs & grandma’s traditional deviled eggs]
sunnier days. [chinese chicken pasta salad]
cooked-out. [crock-pot Mexican chicken]
game day ready. [pizza dip]
cooking w. Estela. [pollo en salsa verde w. Mexican rice]
cheers. [coctel de camarones – shrimp cocktail]
turkey day. [Thanksgiving 2011]
Lean on Lamb – The Supper Club. [lamb pizza w. red peppers, arugula & goat cheese]
in no time. [shredded Mexican chicken]
let the preparations begin. [sweet potato-pecan casserole]
health kick. [white bean salad w. red pepper, capers, jalapeno & cayenne]
refreshing. [couscous salad w. chicken, vegetables & basil dressing]
game day guac. [guacamole w. cotija cheese]
comer más frijoles. [cuban-style black bean & corn salsa]
hidden gem. [roasted red pepper soup w. pasilla chile cream]
all puffed up. [Gruyere cheese puffs w. black figs]
inspired eats. [grilled asparagus w. fried egg, prosciutto & parmesan]
heaven on a plate. [chicken breast valdostana w. braised lentils]
all grown up. [four-cheese, white truffle oil & mushroom mac & cheese]
product review. [bell pepper & onion crostini w. pesto]
wrap up. [seven links challenge]
the best things I ever ate. [NYC trip]
insalata classica. [caprese salad w. heirloom tomatoes]
savory summer snack. [roasted red & orange bell peppers w. goat cheese & naan]
authentic. [homemade smoky salsa w. chipotle peppers & cilantro]
keep it simple. [spicy bean dip w. corn & habanero salsa]
grill ’em. [grilled corn w. honey-ancho chile butter]
dish up. [sweet barbecue baked beans]
spice up your life. [adobo-rubbed pork tenderloin w. glazed carrots & rosemary-chili fingerling potatoes]
blooming w. flavor. [country ham & bread crumb stuffed artichokes]
batter up! [beer battered asparagus w. lemon herbed dipping sauce]
au naturel. [simple spaghetti squash w. olive oil]
welcoming spring flavors. [bruschetta w. apricot, roasted chicken & prosciutto]
dining w. the chefs. [Greenville Hyatt chef’s table dinner]
jack & the beanstalk. [green beans w. crispy prosciutto, lemon & toasted pine nuts]
mr. potato head. [stuffed baked potato w. caramelized onions & asiago cheese]
cheesealicious. [baked macaroni and cheese]
beans, beans, the magical fruit. [white bean hummus]
chicka what? [simple hummus topped w. toasted pine nuts]
when eggplant met salsa. [sesame eggplant salsa w. lavash]