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Poultry //

soup szn. [chicken & white bean southwestern soup]
a little less guilt. [crispy air fryer chicken taquitos]
you name it. [instant pot chicken carnitas]
my go-to. [creamy salsa verde chicken enchiladas]
current obsession. [chicken tikka masala]
another favorite. [greek chicken w. lemon butter orzo]
can’t get better than this. [white chicken chili]
epitome of comfort food. [chicken pot pie]
sign me up. [gochujang-ranch crispy chicken bowl]
out of this world. [spicy buttermilk fried chicken sandwich]
gimme more. [thai red curry noodle soup]
jack of all trades. [turkey avocado panini w. chipotle aioli]
seconds. [turkey & veggie chili]
pasta la vista, baby. [turkey & vegetable lasagna]
absent. [chicken fried rice]
a lighter choice. [mediterranean turkey meatballs w. herbed yogurt sauce]
finding the time. [mediterranean hummus wrap]
no regrets. [chicken & veggie stir fry]
so fresh and so clean. [shredded buffalo chicken wrap]
all in. [fried chicken & waffle sandwich w. bacon, ranch & chives]
back to the grind. [shredded spicy chicken & chorizo tinga tostada]
sinfully delicious. [buffalo-ranch shredded chicken panini]
imitator. [tempura fried chicken sandwich w. fresno chili coleslaw, pickled onions & honey mustard sauce]
fresh & filling. [bbq chicken cobb salad]
to die for. [white chicken enchilada casserole]
labor of love. [buttermilk-baked chicken sandwich w. apple, onion & bacon slaw, fried green tomato, green goddess dressing & cheddar]
winner winner, chicken dinner. [chicken in sun-dried tomato & white wine cream sauce]
fresh start. [herb & citrus oven roasted chicken]
muy delicioso. [shredded chicken enchiladas in red sauce w. bell peppers]
better than take-out. [chicken teriyaki bowl]
hoooked. [chicken pad thai]
happily ever after. [crispy fried chicken sandwich w. slaw & spicy mayo]
fresca. [cilantro-lime grilled chicken topped w. pico de gallo & cotija cheese]
game time. [chicken wings w. buffalo sauce]
time to relax. [chicken tortilla soup topped w. avocado & homemade crispy tortilla strips]
hop on board. [ground turkey zucchini boats stuffed w. bell pepper, mushroom, onion & tomato]
to the next level. [buffalo chicken nachos w. jalapeño, goat cheese, bacon & buffalo ranch sauce]
almost back to normal. [shredded chicken enchiladas w. bell peppers, corn & black beans in red sauce]
no complaints here. [soba noodle salad w. spicy peanut sauce, shredded chicken & veggies]
here we go again. [shredded chicken enchiladas w. bell peppers in red chile sauce]
green goddess. [tacos w. shredded chicken in a spicy poblano cream sauce topped w. caramelized onions & sour cream]
spice it up. [bbq-tequila chicken tostadas topped w. jalapeño-pineapple salsa & spicy bbq sauce]
masterpiece. [buffalo chicken zucchini boats topped w. melted cheddar, goat cheese, bacon & ranch dressing]
can’t go wrong. [jalapeno-cilantro spaghetti w. lime chicken]
welcoming summer. [pulled bbq chicken sliders topped w. homemade coleslaw & tangy bbq sauce]
feeding my obsession. [quinoa crusted chicken strips w. bbq honey mustard]
human again. [creamy four-cheese mac & cheese w. mushrooms, peas & chicken]
cure the cold. [turkey chili loaded w. vegetables]
keep it spicy. [buffalo chicken tacos w. goat cheese, avocado & ranch dressing]
MIA. [savory chicken hash topped w. bacon]
going green. [roasted green chile-chicken enchiladas]
just a kick. [bacon-wrapped buffalo chicken jalapeño poppers]
stress case. [shredded chicken, kale & mushroom casserole w. ricotta & lemon]
branching out. [homemade Chinese orange chicken]
checking off my list. [linguine w. grilled asparagus pesto & lemon zest]
newfound love. [creamy buffalo chicken & quinoa bake w. kale, broccoli & goat cheese]
feels like home. [chicken divan]
lettuce eat. [ground turkey lettuce wraps w. spicy drizzling sauce]
souped up. [chicken tortilla soup w. homemade tortilla strips]
a special day. [chicken saute w. white wine & thyme cream sauce]
catching up. [shredded chicken tostadas w. roasted tomato-jalapeno salsa]
non-stop. [deconstructed kabobs w. andouille, chicken & creole mustard sauce]
flavor explosion. [honey-lime chicken burrito w. tomatillo sauce, Cuban-style black beans & grilled corn in lime dressing]
make do. [whole wheat spaghetti w. cilantro-jalapeño pesto & chicken]
taco time. [crock-pot shredded chicken w. corn, black beans & jalapeno in a homemade crunchy taco shell]
throw it together. [ground turkey & quinoa tacos topped w. crispy kale chips & honey-lime Greek yogurt]
forget about it. [chicken breasts w. lemon-mushroom cream sauce]
playing catch up. [crock-pot shredded chicken in poblano cream sauce]
maybe I’m crazy. [crock-pot pumpkin & turkey chili]
in a jiff. [chicken w. honey-beer sauce]
stuffed. [jalapeño chicken wraps]
heating up. [sun-dried tomato fettuccine w. chicken & broccoli]
putting the pieces together. [lemon, asparagus & heirloom tomato pasta salad]
summer lovin’. [soba noodles w. vegetables & chicken in peanut sauce]
personalized. [mini chicken pot pies]
sunnier days. [chinese chicken pasta salad]
a better place. [shredded chicken and tomatillo tacos w. queso fresco & red cabbage]
almost guilt-free. [goat cheese-stuffed turkey burgers w. roasted red pepper relish]
pretty bird. [garam masala chicken w. roasted vegetables]
cooked-out. [crock-pot Mexican chicken]
tgif. [crock-pot chicken w. wild rice]
chili when it’s not so chilly. [white bean and chicken chili]
cooking w. Estela. [pollo en salsa verde w. Mexican rice]
char it. [sautéed chicken breast w. roasted red pepper & tomato sauce]
toss it in. [rotini pasta w. tomato cream sauce & chicken apple sausage]
natural remedy. [chicken & rice soup]
turkey day. [Thanksgiving 2011]
in no time. [shredded Mexican chicken]
warm me up. [chicken & potato corn chowder]
refreshing. [couscous salad w. chicken, vegetables & basil dressing]
fall flavors. [brown rice medley topped w. ground turkey gravy & grated zucchini]
heaven on a plate. [chicken breast valdostana w. braised lentils]
work with what you’ve got. [rigatoni w. truffle oil cream sauce, zucchini, tomatoes, goat cheese & chicken]
the best things I ever ate. [NYC trip]
sliding into home. [grilled chicken sliders w. roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, bacon & basil aioli]
crunch time. [ground turkey tacos picadillo w. homemade taco shells]
summer in sight. [chicken piccata]
pasta minus the carbs. [spaghetti squash w. red wine marinara sauce & sautéed chicken breast]
succulence. [turkey burger w. lemon-honey mustard sauce & goat cheese]
easy peasy. [basil pesto farfalle w. sautéed chicken & diced tomatoes]
spice things up. [whole grain penne pasta w. turkey sausage & tomato-chili cream sauce]
welcoming spring flavors. [bruschetta w. apricot, roasted chicken & prosciutto]
food & friends. [roman-style chicken w. bell peppers, prosciutto & capers]
gourmet tex-mex. [chicken fajitas topped w. avocado sauce & spiced Greek yogurt]
finger lickin’ good. [sautéed chicken breasts w. mustard, brandy & white wine cream sauce]
chill(i) out. [lean turkey chili w. kidney beans]
fresh & easy. [lemon cream whole grain penne pasta w. chicken & sautéed asparagus]
kick it up a notch. [chicken tortilla soup]
hearty & healthy. [lentil, spinach & sausage soup]
fettuccine fiend. [zucchini, squash & parmesan fettuccine]
eat mor chikin. [corn flake chicken strips w. honey mustard sauce]
use & reuse. [smoked turkey, crispy prosciutto, broccoli & cheese empanadas & phyllo cups]
twist on turkey & stuffing. [cider-glazed chicken w. browned butter-pecan rice]
you say tomato, I say tomato. [classic chicken cacciatore]
the superior sandwich. [chicken aioli sandwich]
mamma mia pizzeria. [pesto & bbq chicken pizzas]
the last supper. [chicken stuffed w. sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes & fontina cheese]
quick fix meal. [grilled chicken w. brie & balsamic sauce]
move over beef. [turkey burgers w. sun-dried tomato mayonnaise]