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Beef //

just like I remember. [homemade ragù di carne]
low & slow. [short rib ragu w. ricotta]
don’t let it fool you. [roast beef sandwich]
sure to be a winner. [marinated carne asada]
doctor’s orders. [caramelized onion, jarlsberg & arugula burger]
she’s a beaut. [instant pot beef brisket w. cheesy grits]
from scratch. [homemade lasagna bolognese w. ricotta & spinach]
could not be happier. [chili con carne]
best I ever had. [smashburger w. stone ground mustard aioli]
explosion of flavor. [braised beef short ribs w. spicy cabbage slaw]
fire up the griddle. [classic smash burger]
small but mighty. [mini beef empanadas]
never go back. [homemade lasagna bolognese]
flavor town. [pappardelle w. pork ragu]
it’s been a minute. [cheeseburger tater tot cups]
ready and waiting. [pepperoncini beef sandwiches]
cheese please. [jucy lucy]
if it were up to me. [BBQ brisket sandwich w. cheddar, jalapeño & heirloom tomatoes]
no need for take out. [beef & broccoli]
mamma mia. [meatballs in marinara sauce]
cooling off. [hearty chili]
fiesta friday. [layered taco salad]
oh, it is love. [steak & chimichurri pita]
must-make. [barbacoa tacos w. pickled red onions & cilantro]
never let me down. [chile-rubbed short ribs w. cilantro oil]
cooling down. [southwestern beef chili]
say cheese. [spicy beef queso dip]
over the top. [jalapeño burger w. spicy ranch sauce, worcestershire glaze, caramelized onions & avocado]
keeping busy. [korean beef bowl w. bell peppers & water chestnuts]
product review – Appetites. [tamarind glazed beef w. sesame broccoli & snow peas]
burger lover. [juicy hamburger w. pimento cheese, crispy bacon & blackened onions]
cheers to the weekend. [tender shredded beef tacos topped w. homemade guacamole]
product review & a giveaway! [cheeseburger sliders w. homemade thousand island dressing]
taco tuesday. [carne asada tacos w. smoky dried-chile salsa, onion-cilantro relish & cotija cheese]
dinner for 12. [three-cheese lasagna w. bolognese sauce]
love at first bite. [beef tenderloin sandwich w. tomato, avocado, provolone & homemade pesto]
happy belated 4th of July! [recap]
make it work. [ground beef pasta]
roll ’em up. [meatballs w. marinara sauce]
meat & potatoes. [shepherd’s pie]
ole! ole! [succulent carne asada w. Mexican rice & grilled red pepper & onion]
dining w. the chefs. [Greenville Hyatt chef’s table dinner]
grandma’s cooking. [meatloaf w. sweet picante sauce]
be my guest. [filet mignon w. grapes, watercress & blue cheese]
chimi-chimi(churri) choo-choo. [steak pita w. chimichurri sauce]