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Pork //

just like I remember. [homemade ragù di carne]
gettin’ figgy with it. [fig, prosciutto & whipped ricotta crostini]
pasta la vista, baby. [sun-dried tomato pasta w. sausage & asparagus]
IMHO. [creamy calabrian chili bolognese]
pack a punch. [mini potato, pepper & chorizo empanadas]
hit the spot. [lemon, asparagus & bacon pasta]
eat your greens. [broccoli pesto pasta]
can’t stop, won’t stop. [homemade pork dumplings]
secret ingredient. [instant pot carnitas tacos]
it’s poppin’. [jalapeño poppers w. maple sausage & cream cheese]
time for tacos. [pork tenderloin carnitas street tacos]
allow me to introduce myself. [roasted pork tenderloin w. apple cider glaze & braised cabbage]
falling for you. [fall salad w. apple cider poppy seed dressing]
so long, sweet summer. [bbq pork ribs]
wrap it up. [red chili oil pork wontons]
non-traditional. [irish nachos]
any time of the day. [beer-braised pork on toast w. eggs]
it’s all about balance. [tater tot breakfast casserole]
brunch so hard. [migas]
crowd-pleaser. [bacon jalapeño popper dip]
flavor town. [pappardelle w. pork ragu]
steamy. [pork & vegetable potstickers]
touchdown. [cheesy bacon-jalapeño dip]
top of my list. [sun-dried tomato & basil fettuccine w. pancetta]
chef. [mojo-marinated pork cubanos]
all in. [fried chicken & waffle sandwich w. bacon, ranch & chives]
simplicity. [linguine carbonara w. pancetta]
fresh & filling. [bbq chicken cobb salad]
with a kick. [grilled ancho chile & brown sugar-rubbed pork tenderloin]
gourmet twist. [crispy pork tenderloin sandwich w. red onion, pickles & apricot mustard spread]
hello, 2015. [new mexican rubbed pork tenderloin w. bourbon-ancho sauce, cilantro oil & smoked red pepper sauce]
feeling crazy. [mini tater tot cups w. cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado & sour cream]
the lighter side. [potato salad w. blue cheese, crispy bacon & grated hard-boiled egg]
burger lover. [juicy hamburger w. pimento cheese, crispy bacon & blackened onions]
masterpiece. [buffalo chicken zucchini boats topped w. melted cheddar, goat cheese, bacon & ranch dressing]
just a kick. [bacon-wrapped buffalo chicken jalapeño poppers]
potato, potAto. [smashed red-skinned potatoes w. chives & bacon]
dig in. [baked potato wedge nachos w. pepper jack cheese, bacon, jalapeno & guacamole]
non-stop. [deconstructed kabobs w. andouille, chicken & creole mustard sauce]
mouthwatering. [smoked pork loin sandwich w. homemade bbq sauce & coleslaw]
late to the game. [jalapeño poppers w. sausage & parmesan]
pop ’em. [goat cheese, parmesan & pancetta stuffed baby bell peppers]
dinner for 12. [three-cheese lasagna w. bolognese sauce]
out of the (blue) box. [mac & cheese w. crispy prosciutto & fresh parsley]
happy belated 4th of July! [recap]
spring things. [pork tenderloin w. grilled pineapple salsa]
unexpected. [tagliatelle w. prosciutto & orange]
taking a back seat. [zucchini & salami pasta]
simple gourmet. [pork chops w. ginger-soy glaze]
cheesy goodness. [scalloped potatoes & ham]
fill ‘er up. [stuffed pasta shells w. prosciutto, ricotta & mushrooms]
wrap up. [seven links challenge]
bob’s brats. [beer brats w. horseradish & Dijon mustard]
almost Bottega worthy. [artichoke, prosciutto, mozzarella & ricotta whole wheat pizza]
ham it up. [hearty ham & 15 bean soup]
dish up. [sweet barbecue baked beans]
grown-up pizza party. [homemade pizzas w. prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pineapple & mushrooms]
spice up your life. [adobo-rubbed pork tenderloin w. glazed carrots & rosemary-chili fingerling potatoes]
blooming w. flavor. [country ham & bread crumb stuffed artichokes]
welcoming spring flavors. [bruschetta w. apricot, roasted chicken & prosciutto]
food & friends. [roman-style chicken w. bell peppers, prosciutto & capers]
hot diggity dogs. [pigs in a blanket w. tangy dipping sauce]
Christmas tradition. [eggs benedict w. hollandaise sauce]
all wrapped up. [lettuce wraps w. oven roasted pork tenderloin]