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Holiday //

steal the show. [cranberry orange margarita w. sugared cranberries]
dreamy combo. [butternut squash fettuccine w. fried sage & toasted hazelnuts in brown butter]
trust me. [whipped goat cheese & cranberry sauce crostini w. homemade candied orange zest]
loss for words. [apple cider bread w. cinnamon sugar topping]
getting into the fall spirit. [apple cider cupcakes w. cinnamon cream cheese frosting & salted caramel]
jumping on the bandwagon. [apple cider bourbon cocktail]
dangerously delicious. [blueberry mojito]
sure to be a winner. [marinated carne asada]
toffee break. [homemade english toffee]
epitome of comfort food. [chicken pot pie]
falling for you. [fall salad w. apple cider poppy seed dressing]
stars & stripes. [italian pasta salad]
wingin’ it. [creamy potato salad]
home sweet home. [scalloped potatoes & ham]
stack it up. [ground turkey lasagna w. butternut squash, zucchini & spinach]
spooky sweets. [pumpkin, chocolate & oreo trifle]
red, white & blue(berry). [blueberry buttermilk bunt cake w. lemon glaze & strawberries]
sweet tooth. [white chocolate bars w. ritz, peanut butter & marshmallow fluff]
game time. [chicken wings w. buffalo sauce]
hello, 2015. [new mexican rubbed pork tenderloin w. bourbon-ancho sauce, cilantro oil & smoked red pepper sauce]
cooling down. [southwestern beef chili]
gobble gobble. [pumpkin pie w. graham cracker crust, cinnamon crunch & bourbon-maple whipped cream]
third time’s a charm. [savory mashed sweet potatoes]
hello, fall. [hard cider cupcakes filled & topped w. caramel-whiskey apples & whiskey buttercream]
belated celebration. [vodka spritzer w. strawberry & blueberry ice cubes]
ooey gooey. [spicy queso dip]
the sweetest thing. [decadent butterscotch cupcakes topped w. a rum syrup, buttercream frosting, butterscotch sauce & English toffee]
pure perfection. [churro cupcakes w. cinnamon cream cheese frosting]
sharing is caring. [chewy lemon sugar cookies]
big step. [mini chocolate peppermint cupcakes w. peppermint buttercream frosting]
VeeV Spirits collaboration. [spicy grilled eggplant caprese stacks w. crispy parmesan lavash paired w. fruit cup sangria]
whoop there it is. [pumpkin whoopie pies w. bourbon cream cheese filling]
what’s love got to do with it. [pomegranate & blood orange champagne punch]
new & improved. [mini gingerbread cupcakes w. maple cream cheese frosting]
let’s get festive. [roasted red pepper, artichoke & cream cheese dip]
indulgence. [apple cider & bourbon cake w. pumpkin seed brittle & homemade whipped cream]
spooky treats. [Snickers peanut butter-filled black velvet cupcakes w. cream cheese frosting]
my kind of remedy. [spiced pumpkin bread w. walnuts]
maybe I’m crazy. [crock-pot pumpkin & turkey chili]
happy belated 4th of July! [recap]
¡fiesta! [fresh serrano salsa]
speak of the devil. [avocado deviled eggs & grandma’s traditional deviled eggs]
spring things. [pork tenderloin w. grilled pineapple salsa]
back to baking. [lemon cupcakes w. graham cracker crust, blackberry filling & blackberry buttercream]
it takes two. [triple layer banana cake w. caramel, vanilla bean custard & buttercream frosting]
pure decadence. [cinnamon & raisin bread pudding w. spiced rum sauce]
candy cane lane. [white chocolate & peppermint covered pretzel thins]
white Christmas. [white chocolate, cranberry & macadamia nut cookies]
getting in the holiday spirit. [gingerbread bars w. vanilla bean ice cream]
farewell November. [pumpkin & gingerbread trifle]
turkey day. [Thanksgiving 2011]
let the preparations begin. [sweet potato-pecan casserole]
sugar & spice. [pumpkin cookies w. orange buttercream frosting]
just a spoonful. [autumn trifle w. roasted apples, pears & pumpkin-caramel sauce]
happy almost 4th! [mascarpone cream tart topped w. fresh strawberries & blueberries]
Memorial Day treats. [cream soda toffee cupcakes w. brown butter frosting]
one tequila, two tequila, three tequila… [margarita cupcakes w. tequila-lime meringue buttercream frosting]
eggtastic. [mini Easter egg cakes w. lemon curd filling]
xoxo. [mini vanilla marble heart cakes w. vanilla glaze]
be mine. [raspberry cupcakes w. pink buttercream frosting & lacy chocolate hearts]
Christmas tradition. [eggs benedict w. hollandaise sauce]
a little sugar, a lot of spice. [gingerbread cupcakes w. maple cinnamon cream cheese frosting]
Christmas crunch. [English toffee]
all bark, all bite. [chocolate peppermint bark cookies]
the proof is in the pudding. [pumpkin bread pudding w. spicy caramel apple sauce & vanilla bean creme anglaise]
jack & the beanstalk. [green beans w. crispy prosciutto, lemon & toasted pine nuts]
just can’t get enough. [pecan pumpkin butter bars]
twist on turkey & stuffing. [cider-glazed chicken w. browned butter-pecan rice]
all about autumn. [pumpkin, turkey & zucchini lasagna]
smashing pumpkins. [mini pumpkin muffins w. maple cinnamon cream cheese frosting]
taste of fall. [homemade butternut squash ravioli w. brown butter sauce]
’tis the season. [Halloween themed vanilla cupcakes w. buttercream frosting]
falling for squash. [butternut squash soup]