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Pasta //

just like I remember. [homemade ragù di carne]
dreamy combo. [butternut squash fettuccine w. fried sage & toasted hazelnuts in brown butter]
low & slow. [short rib ragu w. ricotta]
pasta la vista, baby. [sun-dried tomato pasta w. sausage & asparagus]
IMHO. [creamy calabrian chili bolognese]
hit the spot. [lemon, asparagus & bacon pasta]
eat your greens. [broccoli pesto pasta]
another favorite. [greek chicken w. lemon butter orzo]
from scratch. [homemade lasagna bolognese w. ricotta & spinach]
luscious. [homemade spinach & ricotta ravioli w. sage brown butter sauce]
never go back. [homemade lasagna bolognese]
stars & stripes. [italian pasta salad]
flavor town. [pappardelle w. pork ragu]
oh boy. [fettuccine alfredo w. broccoli]
back for more. [zoodles w. homemade marinara sauce]
top of my list. [sun-dried tomato & basil fettuccine w. pancetta]
picnic prep. [pesto pasta salad w. salami & heirloom tomatoes]
mamma mia. [meatballs in marinara sauce]
stack it up. [ground turkey lasagna w. butternut squash, zucchini & spinach]
won’t miss a thing. [four-cheese spaghetti squash mac & cheese]
simplicity. [linguine carbonara w. pancetta]
back at it. [greek orzo salad]
hoooked. [chicken pad thai]
no complaints here. [soba noodle salad w. spicy peanut sauce, shredded chicken & veggies]
semi-guilt-free. [zucchini spaghetti w. jalapeño-cilantro pesto]
can’t go wrong. [jalapeno-cilantro spaghetti w. lime chicken]
human again. [creamy four-cheese mac & cheese w. mushrooms, peas & chicken]
a good find. [parmesan & spinach orzo]
stress case. [shredded chicken, kale & mushroom casserole w. ricotta & lemon]
checking off my list. [linguine w. grilled asparagus pesto & lemon zest]
make do. [whole wheat spaghetti w. cilantro-jalapeño pesto & chicken]
all aboard. [zucchini boats stuffed w. couscous, bell peppers, mushrooms, feta & toasted pine nuts]
dinner for 12. [three-cheese lasagna w. bolognese sauce]
out of the (blue) box. [mac & cheese w. crispy prosciutto & fresh parsley]
heating up. [sun-dried tomato fettuccine w. chicken & broccoli]
putting the pieces together. [lemon, asparagus & heirloom tomato pasta salad]
fresh. [orzo salad w. chickpeas, basil, feta & mustard vinaigrette]
summer lovin’. [soba noodles w. vegetables & chicken in peanut sauce]
sunnier days. [chinese chicken pasta salad]
make it work. [ground beef pasta]
unexpected. [tagliatelle w. prosciutto & orange]
roll ’em up. [meatballs w. marinara sauce]
taking a back seat. [zucchini & salami pasta]
toss it in. [rotini pasta w. tomato cream sauce & chicken apple sausage]
always remember. [eggplant parmesan lasagna]
fill ‘er up. [stuffed pasta shells w. prosciutto, ricotta & mushrooms]
all grown up. [four-cheese, white truffle oil & mushroom mac & cheese]
wrap up. [seven links challenge]
work with what you’ve got. [rigatoni w. truffle oil cream sauce, zucchini, tomatoes, goat cheese & chicken]
scc turns one! [blog anniversary]
pasta w. a crunch. [egg fettuccine w. brown butter, fried sage & toasted hazelnuts]
pasta minus the carbs. [spaghetti squash w. red wine marinara sauce & sautéed chicken breast]
easy peasy. [basil pesto farfalle w. sautéed chicken & diced tomatoes]
au naturel. [simple spaghetti squash w. olive oil]
spice things up. [whole grain penne pasta w. turkey sausage & tomato-chili cream sauce]
fresh & easy. [lemon cream whole grain penne pasta w. chicken & sautéed asparagus]
dining w. the chefs. [Greenville Hyatt chef’s table dinner]
fettuccine fiend. [zucchini, squash & parmesan fettuccine]
all about autumn. [pumpkin, turkey & zucchini lasagna]
taste of fall. [homemade butternut squash ravioli w. brown butter sauce]
cheesealicious. [baked macaroni and cheese]