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hop on board. [ground turkey zucchini boats stuffed w. bell pepper, mushroom, onion & tomato]

November 20th, 2014 by | comments


I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Can you believe Thanksgiving is already next week? Next week! This month has flown by, and since work has been insanely busy, it’s made the time go by even faster. I worked the Hollywood Film Awards last weekend, and am working the American Music Awards this weekend. I can’t wait!



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cure the cold. [turkey chili loaded w. vegetables]

April 23rd, 2014 by | comments


As much as I tried to avoid it, I caught the dreaded cold going around. Sleep, DayQuil and NyQuil have been my best friends this week. I wanted to make something hearty and healthy, so I came up with this turkey chili loaded with vegetables. The chili is of course healthier sans sour cream, but I’m a sucker for sour cream, so I figured a dollop wouldn’t hurt. :)

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lettuce eat. [ground turkey lettuce wraps w. spicy drizzling sauce]

October 7th, 2013 by | comments


Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is surviving/survived Monday! I have yet another busy week ahead of me, as I’m heading to New York in a couple of days for work. Though it’ll be a quick trip and full of work events, I’ll have some time to visit friends who live in the city.

These lettuce wraps are fresh and delicious, and the perfect weeknight meal. The spicy drizzling sauce has just the right amount of kick and boosts the flavor of the ground turkey. Enjoy!
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throw it together. [ground turkey & quinoa tacos topped w. crispy kale chips & honey-lime Greek yogurt]

March 1st, 2013 by | comments


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. Mine had an unexpected, but wonderful start–my roommate and I decided to foster a kitten! He’s been battling a virus for a few weeks and wasn’t able to fight it at the shelter. We’re hoping that he’ll get better soon now that he’s in a home and away from other cats. Though we’ve only had the little guy one week, I have a feeling I’m going to want to keep him. :)

On to the tacos–I know, quinoa again, right? I’d already made the ground turkey and quinoa, and had a large bag of kale, so I decided to combine the ingredients and make tacos. And believe it or not, it worked!


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almost guilt-free. [goat cheese-stuffed turkey burgers w. roasted red pepper relish]

March 21st, 2012 by | comments

Since I’m late to post, happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! From the posts I’ve seen, it looks like you all ate and drank pretty well on the holiday. I ate terribly over the weekend, so I’ve tried to get back on track this week.

Though I can’t say burgers are the healthiest option, this recipe uses ground turkey, which is leaner, and I used thin style hamburger buns. That helps a little…right?

Regardless, these burgers were juicy and full of flavor–from the slight tartness of the lemon and zest to the tangy goat cheese inside the patty to the slightly spicy roasted red pepper relish.

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fall flavors. [brown rice medley topped w. ground turkey gravy & grated zucchini]

September 22nd, 2011 by | comments

Per usual, I bought ground turkey at the market, without any recipe in mind. But I did know that I wanted to create something different from anything I’d already made, such as the ground turkey tacos picadillo, turkey burgers with lemon-honey mustard sauce, turkey chili and turkey burgers with sun-dried tomato mayonnaise.

Though this isn’t the most visually appealing dish, the flavors make up for it. I decided to keep the seasoning for the ground turkey gravy simple, making rosemary the prominent flavor. The meal was hearty, comforting and delicious–an ideal dinner for fall. :)

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crunch time. [ground turkey tacos picadillo w. homemade taco shells]

June 6th, 2011 by | comments

I’m always looking for new ground turkey recipes. The meat is much lighter than beef, but doesn’t lack in flavor. I made turkey burgers (here and here) and turkey chili (here), and wanted to cook something else with the meat.

I decided on ground turkey tacos picadillo; light with a kick of spice from the chili powder and cumin. The salty and crunchy homemade corn tortilla shells worked wonderfully with the succulent meat. Taking the extra time to fry the tortillas was well worth it. I’ll definitely be making these again for a quick, delicious meal.

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chill(i) out. [lean turkey chili w. kidney beans]

March 11th, 2011 by | comments

Before this unexpected (and for me, unwanted) heat wave struck, I decided to make turkey chili, as I figured it would be a nourishing and simple meal that would last through the week. I’ve become quite fond of leftovers because it gives me a break from cooking, and provides a homemade lunch to bring to work—ultimately saving me some money!

I used a few different turkey chili recipes as a starting point, and then made my own alterations. This recipe was extremely easy to make and had an abundance of flavor, with just the right amount of kick from the chili powder.

My thoughts and prayers are with Japan. <3

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