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use & reuse. [smoked turkey, crispy prosciutto, broccoli & cheese empanadas & phyllo cups]

December 8th, 2010 by | comments

My eco-friendly brothers are always telling me to use what we already have in terms of food. So for once I listened to them.

With leftover smoked turkey and a few crowns of broccoli, my mom and I decided to create a delicious mixture to fill empanadas and phyllo cups. We started with the turkey and broccoli and rummaged through the fridge to find other ingredients to spruce up the mixture. Our fridge offered some leftover crisped prosciutto, a block of Monterey Jack cheese and a sweet yellow onion.

We racked our brains for recipe ideas to use the broccoli, not wanting to simply eat the vegetable plain or make broccoli and cheese soup. After searching online for ideas, we decided to try making empanadas with the leftover puff pastry in the freezer and phyllo cups with the leftover phyllo dough.

To our surprise, our little creations were quite a success. The turkey and broccoli mixture combined with the flakey crust of the pastry dough was delectable. Everyone in our family loved the concoction. If we end up having ingredients such as these leftover again, we will definitely make this recipe!

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all about autumn. [pumpkin, turkey & zucchini lasagna]

October 29th, 2010 by | comments

After I made mini pumpkin muffins the other day, I had about two cups of pumpkin puree leftover. Since I’m not one for wasting any food, I wanted to make something else with the pumpkin. My friend, Dana, recently made pumpkin lasagna, which she said turned out absolutely delicious. I decided to do the same, but used a different recipe. I chose Robert Irvine’s five-star pumpkin lasagna recipe on the Food Network website, but made a few alterations.

I figured the finished product had to turn out well when the separate components tasted delicious on their own, from the wine infused tomato sauce to the slightly sweet pumpkin and cheese filling to the turkey, zucchini, garlic and onion mixture. Irvine’s recipe calls for spicy Italian sausage, but I decided to use turkey to make the dish leaner.

After removing the lasagna from the oven, it was difficult to resist immediately devouring the entire dish—the aroma was tantalizing. I was not even worried about the risk of burning my tongue. Subtle, but still recognizable, the pumpkin flavor blended beautifully with the other ingredients, even the dash of cinnamon. With each bite, a plethora of flavors greeted the taste buds, both savory and sweet. I highly recommend making this dish!

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move over beef. [turkey burgers w. sun-dried tomato mayonnaise]

August 12th, 2010 by | comments

It’s all about the turkey in this recipe. I absolutely love cooking these quick and easy turkey burgers. I’d say they definitely give an In-n-Out or Five Guys burger a run for its money. With an equal amount of flavor, why not opt for the healthier alternative? Although, once you add the cheddar cheese and sun-dried tomato mayonnaise, it somewhat defeats the healthy aspect, but there’s no doubt it boosts the flavor tenfold. The succulent vinegar-infused sauce is guaranteed to titillate your taste buds—and it’s a strong competitor with the In-n-Out “special sauce.”

I usually make mini turkey burgers, but decided to make regular-sized patties the other night. The mini burgers, however, are the perfect dinner party appetizer. They’re just like sliders you would order at a restaurant.

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