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refreshing. [couscous salad w. chicken, vegetables & basil dressing]

October 24th, 2011 by | comments

I’m taking a short break from hearty fall recipes to feature this refreshing and healthy couscous salad. I know I often rave about recipes being the ideal appetizer/side dish/main course to serve dinner guests, but I’m pretty sure this one trumps all.

The salad is fresh and full of flavor. It can easily be made vegetarian by omitting the chicken and cheese, and making a basil vinaigrette, instead of a mayo-based dressing. The basil dressing is one of my favorite components; however, I use it sparingly, as it defeats the healthy aspect of the dish. :)

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insalata classica. [caprese salad w. heirloom tomatoes]

August 11th, 2011 by | comments

Here’s another simple, delicious and fool-proof summer side dish–the ever famous caprese salad. The key ingredient to this particular caprese? Heirloom tomatoes, of course.

If you’ve ever tasted a slice of a juicy, ripe, melt-in-your-mouth heirloom, you can understand the difference they make in this salad. Not only do heirloom tomatoes taste better, but they also make for a more colorful and visually appealing dish.

I’m hopping on a plane to New York tonight, so I won’t be back until early next week. I can’t wait to share all of the delicious food I plan on eating during my visit. Ciao for now!

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