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Sandwiches //

don’t let it fool you. [roast beef sandwich]
fire up the griddle. [classic smash burger]
out of this world. [spicy buttermilk fried chicken sandwich]
jack of all trades. [turkey avocado panini w. chipotle aioli]
ready and waiting. [pepperoncini beef sandwiches]
if it were up to me. [BBQ brisket sandwich w. cheddar, jalapeño & heirloom tomatoes]
so fresh and so clean. [shredded buffalo chicken wrap]
chef. [mojo-marinated pork cubanos]
all in. [fried chicken & waffle sandwich w. bacon, ranch & chives]
sinfully delicious. [buffalo-ranch shredded chicken panini]
imitator. [tempura fried chicken sandwich w. fresno chili coleslaw, pickled onions & honey mustard sauce]
labor of love. [buttermilk-baked chicken sandwich w. apple, onion & bacon slaw, fried green tomato, green goddess dressing & cheddar]
gourmet twist. [crispy pork tenderloin sandwich w. red onion, pickles & apricot mustard spread]
happily ever after. [crispy fried chicken sandwich w. slaw & spicy mayo]
speechless. [honey ham & jarlsberg cheese sandwich w. pesto aioli & mango chutney]
over the top. [jalapeño burger w. spicy ranch sauce, worcestershire glaze, caramelized onions & avocado]
burger lover. [juicy hamburger w. pimento cheese, crispy bacon & blackened onions]
frugal. [grilled cheese w. gruyere & swiss, caramelized onions, mushrooms, truffled fried potatoes & tomato]
product review & a giveaway! [cheeseburger sliders w. homemade thousand island dressing]
welcoming summer. [pulled bbq chicken sliders topped w. homemade coleslaw & tangy bbq sauce]
mouthwatering. [smoked pork loin sandwich w. homemade bbq sauce & coleslaw]
reduced guilt. [black bean & quinoa veggie burger w. southwestern yogurt sauce]
down to earth. [mushroom lentil burgers w. arugula & goat cheese]
love at first bite. [beef tenderloin sandwich w. tomato, avocado, provolone & homemade pesto]
the best things I ever ate. [NYC trip]
sliding into home. [grilled chicken sliders w. roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, bacon & basil aioli]
succulence. [turkey burger w. lemon-honey mustard sauce & goat cheese]
presto pesto. [mini Italian club sandwiches]
the superior sandwich. [chicken aioli sandwich]