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Beans //

soup szn. [chicken & white bean southwestern soup]
can’t get better than this. [white chicken chili]
could not be happier. [chili con carne]
seconds. [turkey & veggie chili]
spruce it up. [sun-dried tomato & basil hummus]
cooling off. [hearty chili]
welcome back. [seven-layer dip]
feelin’ fresh. [chickpea, avocado & feta salad w. basil dressing]
to die for. [white chicken enchilada casserole]
cooling down. [southwestern beef chili]
cure the cold. [turkey chili loaded w. vegetables]
catching up. [shredded chicken tostadas w. roasted tomato-jalapeno salsa]
flavor explosion. [honey-lime chicken burrito w. tomatillo sauce, Cuban-style black beans & grilled corn in lime dressing]
taco time. [crock-pot shredded chicken w. corn, black beans & jalapeno in a homemade crunchy taco shell]
reduced guilt. [black bean & quinoa veggie burger w. southwestern yogurt sauce]
back in action. [avocado, chickpea & quinoa salad w. lemon-mustard vinaigrette]
that’s a first. [tricolor quinoa and black bean salad]
maybe I’m crazy. [crock-pot pumpkin & turkey chili]
happy belated 4th of July! [recap]
versatile. [cuban black beans and rice]
ham it up. [hearty ham & 15 bean soup]