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feeding my obsession. [quinoa crusted chicken strips w. bbq honey mustard]

May 21st, 2014 by | comments

I’ve always been obsessed with chicken tenders–served with lots of ranch, of course. Growing up, my brothers and I ordered chicken fingers every time our family went out to dinner…every time. But one night at dinner, my mom forced us to order something else on the menu. We had no idea what to get!

A few years ago, my mom fed my obsession and sent me a three-ingredient recipe for homemade chicken strips. Since then, these chicken tenders have been my go-to recipe for game day appetizers or dinner parties; that was until I found this recipe for quinoa crusted chicken strips. Although more labor intensive than the other recipe, these chicken strips were incredibly flavorful and delicious, especially when paired with the slightly sweet BBQ honey mustard.

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non-stop. [deconstructed kabobs w. andouille, chicken & creole mustard sauce]

August 8th, 2013 by | comments


How is it already August?! The next couple months are going to fly by for me, as I’ll be in Ohio two different weekends, then my brother gets married in September. Though it’s been extremely busy, it has been and will be a blast spending time with family and friends. I’ll only be in LA two weekends out of the upcoming seven, so I might be a little slow to post!

On to the recipe–this dish is simple and delicious, with the star being the creole mustard sauce. The meat and vegetables can be served on or off the  kabobs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a photo until after we ate, so the veggies aren’t pictured. Food blogger fail!

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fresh. [orzo salad w. chickpeas, basil, feta & mustard vinaigrette]

July 27th, 2012 by | comments

This orzo salad just screams summer, right? I brought the dish to my friend’s birthday party this past weekend at Malibu Wines, and it was a hit. We ate the pasta alongside a fresh spinach salad with chicken, strawberries, walnuts, pine nuts and a poppy-seed dressing, and of course washed it down with a chilled glass of rosé–we were at a winery, after all. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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bob’s brats. [beer brats w. horseradish & Dijon mustard]

July 7th, 2011 by | comments

By Bob

Nothing says summer like my dad’s home cooked brats. Though the recipe and preparation are simple, the cooking process is what makes or breaks the sausage. My dad has mastered the process–he is, after all, the grilling machine in my family. As always, the bratwurst were a hit with everyone (my uncle, aunt and cousins were in town, visiting from Ohio).

The slightly charred exterior of the brats pop upon each bite, greeting the mouth with a juicy and tender interior. I would take these over the average hot dog any day.

Don’t mind our “classy” choices of beer for cooking, photographed below. :)

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finger lickin’ good. [sautéed chicken breasts w. mustard, brandy & white wine cream sauce]

March 18th, 2011 by | comments

I visited home last weekend to see my family and beloved pup, Chloe. My dad was leaving on a business trip the next morning, so I was glad I got to see him before he left. He half jokingly asked if I was going to make dinner that night, and since I wasn’t doing anything productive, I agreed to his request. I found this recipe for sautéed chicken breasts with a mustard, brandy and white wine cream sauce on the Epicurious website.

The cream sauce was absolutely fantastic. I frequented the stove top a few times too many just to spoon more over my chicken. The subtle woody taste of the brandy with the accent of sweet white wine were a delicious backdrop to the prominent flavor of Dijon mustard. I was extremely tempted to lick my plate clean of the excess sauce.

On that note, I highly recommend making this dish–it’s one of my favorite recipes I’ve made in a while.

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hot diggity dogs. [pigs in a blanket w. tangy dipping sauce]

December 29th, 2010 by | comments

At my neighbor’s engagement party last weekend, one of the guests made the Neely’s recipe for pigs in a blanket. Although the mini hot dogs were more geared towards the kids, I couldn’t get enough of them. I decided to try them out for myself and make them at home.

With the ingredients already in the fridge, the preparation and cook time were minimal. Initially, I was not going to make the Neely’s tangy dipping sauce, but already had all the required ingredients. The sweet sauce boosted the flavor of the salty and juicy turkey dogs wrapped in the fluffy crescent roll.

This recipe is the perfect appetizer for a New Year’s Eve party. Serve alongside some ketchup, tangy sauce and honey mustard and they’ll be gobbled up in no time.

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twist on turkey & stuffing. [cider-glazed chicken w. browned butter-pecan rice]

November 8th, 2010 by | comments

I borrowed my neighbor, Debbie’s, Cooking Light magazine to copy some of the recipes. I found a cider-glazed chicken recipe, which looked absolutely delicious in the photograph. Even better, the dish required minimal ingredients and a short preparation time.

The original recipe called for Boil-in-Bag brown rice, but I decided to use regular brown rice, cooking it for about 40 minutes. I also only cooked two pieces of chicken, primarily because I did not realize four people were eating the dinner. However, I did double the sauce because the original recipe did not make enough. Next time I make this dish, I would cook four pieces of chicken and quadruple the sauce.

The tangy flavor of the Dijon mustard and the sweet and spice of the cider in the sauce tasted wonderful over both the chicken and rice. Browning the pecans and incorporating them in the brown rice was a simple way to dress up the taste and presentation of the average side of rice.

This dish provides fall/Thanksgiving flavors minus the calories and fat. Think of it as a healthy twist on turkey (cider chicken) and stuffing (pecan brown rice).

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