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all hail the king. [grilled fish tacos w. avocado relish, smoky tomato-Greek yogurt crema & red cabbage-citrus slaw]

August 6th, 2014 by | comments


I’ve always been a huge fan of Bobby Flay, but after finding this recipe, I’m his number one fan. These tacos are some of the best I’ve ever tasted; they have an incredible complexity of flavors and textures, from the flaky, cinnamon-chile rubbed halibut to the crisp citrus slaw. I’m getting giddy just thinking about eating the leftovers for lunch today!

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game day guac. [guacamole w. cotija cheese]

October 17th, 2011 by | comments

With football season in full swing, I felt it appropriate to feature my version of a common game day snack–guacamole. Though everyone has his/her own take on the dip, I stand by this simple, yet flavorful recipe. What really amplifies this version is the addition of Cotija cheese crumbled on top. The saltiness of the cheese wonderfully compliments the other ingredients.

Per usual on Saturdays, I spent the day watching college football. Though we’ve had a rough year, I still support my Ohio State Buckeyes just as much as I would any other year. Our win against formerly ranked #16 team Illinois gave us some reason to celebrate in all of this mess.

Like Christina over at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen, who actually went to the OSU game, I grew up in Columbus, OH. Both of my parents attended The Ohio State University, so, I’ve bled scarlet and grey ever since I could walk and talk. Believe it or not, my family has a Buckeye room at our house in South Carolina (the photo doesn’t even do it justice).

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better than krabby patties. [crab guacamole]

August 19th, 2010 by | comments

Sorry SpongeBob, but this crab appetizer will put your renowned krabby patties to shame. Its got all the delicious flavor with a gourmet twist. The variety of colors and textures in this dish really make it stand out. Your guests will get the impression that you slaved over this recipe, when in reality, it will only take you about 20 minutes.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a seafood fanatic in the least bit, but the crab in this appetizer is so subtle that I can barely tell I’m eating it. However, I’m sure the avocado, lime juice and garlic helps mask the fishy flavor that I typically despise.

This is the type of recipe that you can alter to your liking. If you aren’t a big tomato fan, don’t put as much in the mixture. If you love avocado (like me), feel free to add more. After all, this appetizer is basically an elevated version of guacamole. Since I doubled the recipe, be sure to add more of the other ingredients accordingly.

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