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Rice //

pieces of the past. [shrimp & squash pilaf]
beginner’s luck. [persian-ish rice with tahdig]
current obsession. [chicken tikka masala]
another favorite. [greek chicken w. lemon butter orzo]
sign me up. [gochujang-ranch crispy chicken bowl]
shredding for the wedding. [pesto brown rice bowl]
absent. [chicken fried rice]
no need for take out. [beef & broccoli]
so long, summer. [pineapple, coconut & cashew rice]
back at it. [greek orzo salad]
better than take-out. [chicken teriyaki bowl]
aloha. [Hawaiian bowl w. garlic lemon butter shrimp & pineapple]
settled in. [sweet corn risotto]
branching out. [homemade Chinese orange chicken]
clean plates. [parmesan & pesto crusted halibut in crazy water w. zucchini, tomatoes & orzo]
facing fears. [creamy lemon risotto w. peas, asparagus & parmesan]