no brainer. [artichoke & parmesan dip]

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I’m almost embarrassed to share this recipe today because it’s so simple; however, the minimal ingredient list doesn’t seem to affect its popularity. Whenever I bring this artichoke dip to a dinner party or gathering, it’s gobbled up in minutes. But honestly, how can you go wrong when the ingredients are Parmesan, mayonnaise and artichokes? OK, I know you would disagree on the mayonnaise part, Greg, but I’m sure we could find a substitute. :)


1 cup good quality mayonnaise

1 cup grated Parmesan

1 jar artichokes, drained and chopped

Shredded Parmesan, for garnish


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a medium bowl, mix mayonnaise, Parmesan and artichokes. Pour mixture into a large ramekin. Sprinkle shredded Parmesan on top. Bake until sides are bubbling and cheese is golden brown, about 20-25 minutes.

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  • I’m glad you shared this easy recipe! I can’t wait to try it out and love how you can make it in a small portion.
    I’m hosting the Food Blogger Bake Sale this Sat. any tips or suggestions! Ahhh, I’m nervous no one will show up!

  • This makes me happy. That Parmesan crust is calling my name right now, and I wish I had a big glob of this to dig into as a pre-lunch snack. It really is a no brainer :)

  • Baked Alaskan

    Try adding about a tablespoon of minced jalapeño. It adds just the right amount of zip to this dish!

  • egg me on

    It’s about quality, not quantity, Caroline! I don’t see one thing wrong with this simple dip. Other than the fact that I haven’t tried it yet. :D

  • This recipe is always a sure thing. Love it!

  • I am not a fan of mayo, but you put it with all other yummy ingredients in a dip and I am ok with it! Love a quick and easy dip!

  • Looks heavenly – and reminds me we haven’t had artichoke dip in way too long! (And tell Greg he can always make his own mayonnaise from scratch – we used olive oil and it is tasty!)

  • Simple recipes are sometimes the most delicious – though I have to admit dangerous since I can whip this up quickly and expand my jeans size even faster ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Caroline, OOoooo, this is going in my faves. this very instant.

    Thank You <3 Xxxx

  • SImple, yes, but oh, so worthy of a post! Your dip will definitely be making an appearance here. Thanks, Caroline!

  • Yum! I think I have a similar recipe from years ago that I had forgotten about. I love this dip. And those pita chips back there look heavenly too. It’s a perfect snack or appetizer!

  • thank you – my eldest daughter will LOVE this !!
    Mary x

  • Amy

    Haha, that is a pretty easy recipe! But that doesn’t make it any less amazing :)

  • Our recipe today has one ingredient. Ha, not really. This looks amazing. Simple is good.

  • Sometimes I really need something simple to take to a party (i.e. after work or on a busy weekend) Thank you for sharing!

  • No way! Don’t be embarrassed! Sometimes simple recipes are the best. This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Parmesan makes everything better. No, wait, that’s garlic. Or is it chocolate sauce? Well, you get the idea. Simple is good and I agree with you, this is a popular item at a party. :)

  • I love good easy dip recipes and this looks amazing! It’s great when you can have all of the ingredients on hand to whip up when the mood strikes. :) This looks like cheesy yumminess!

  • There are some things that are just meant to be simple because they’re perfect the way they are…I think this is definitely one of those! I absolutely love artichoke dips. Looks great Caroline!

  • Easy Peasy! Sounds like a simple and tasty dish!

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I’d love the moment of cracking the crispy Parmesan top and scoop up the gooey dip…. Such a delicious dip!

  • its definitely a no brainer but why in the world have i not made this yet? OMG! I am all over this dip now! just you wait and see

  • No matter – the simplest recipes are sometimes the best and this looks absolutely amazing… so delicious.

  • I think easy should be the best of recipes.. we don’t always have enough time to cook complicated recipes these days! This looks like the kind of dip I’d have a hard time stopping with :)

  • Love this dip..just 4 ingredients is way too simple, wow! looks delish:)

  • My favourite recipes are EASY RECIPES!! haha.. I know it sounds a little ironic coming from me, but I’m a mess when it comes to preparing food, and my guideline is pretty simple… The less ingredients, the better. I can go nuts when baking but I loooove no-brainer recipes that don’t take up too much time!! Thanks for sharing this!! Should really give it a try!

  • theslowroasteditalian

    Tempting and delicious! This looks soooo good. I am with Jessica. I am making this!

  • theslowroasteditalian

    This is so tempting and looks incredibly delicious. I am definitely making this!

  • I’m usually with Greg on the mayo part, but I’d enjoy this recipe any day. :-)

  • I love artichoke spread and a simple recipe is sometimes the best! I make a caramelized onion spread that’s just as simple and equally as good – and has mayo too :)

  • Simple? Yes. Amazingly delicious? Absolutely!

  • Gorgeous, we´ll soon have loads of artichokes here and I love mayo and parmesan!

  • Wow, looks wonderful and how I love to have super quick, easy recipes for spur of the moment emergencies – thanks!

  • That looks like a simple yet a good dip!

  • No brainer…as someone who isn’t gifted in the kitchen, this is right up my ally.

  • Angie@Angie’s Recipes

    Simple recipes are the best!

  • Kelly @ Inspired Edibles

    Oh, Caroline… this one looks DE.lightful!! I love no brainer recipes especially when they look this good! :). Thank you for posting this one – I’m definitely going to be giving it a go.

  • Another winner, Caroline!

  • This looks amazing!! I can’t wait to try it! You always post the best recipes!

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