I’ve come to the realization that just about anything is delicious in a tortilla. This shredded chicken in a spicy poblano cream sauce is incredibly flavorful on its own, but made even better when spread on a grilled tortilla and topped with sweet, caramelized onions. These tacos are a new favorite!

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I love summertime, primarily because it’s grilling season. I’ve always been a fan of grilled food with that delicious char flavor. This spicy corn salad has the grilled taste and bursts with flavor, from the spice of the hot sauce to the sweetness of the sugar and honey. The dish pairs wonderfully with grilled chicken, and even better with this honey-lime chicken burrito!

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IMG_6534Happy taco Tuesday, or as I’m calling it, tequila Tuesday! These spicy jalapeño margaritas would perfectly compliment your carne asada tacos or burrito. Cheers!

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IMG_6698I couldn’t help but notice the pimento cheese recipes floating around the Internet, so I wanted to try it myself. Of course, being a burger lover, I decided to use the cheese on a juicy burger. The pimento cheese is delicious plain, as a dip with chips, but the melted, gooey cheese was divine on a burger!

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I know I’m late to post this festive Fourth of July cocktail, but the drink would be delicious any time of the year! The strawberry and blueberry ice cubes bring an otherwise boring and colorless drink to life. If you’re not a strawberry or blueberry fan, you can of course replace them with raspberries, blackberries, grapes, etc.

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CHEESE! I don’t think I could live without it. I’ve considered cutting out dairy products, but the thought of life without cheese makes me cringe. This queso dip was the epitome of cheesy deliciousness with just the right amount of spice from the serrano. The dip would be perfect for your Fourth of July party tomorrow!
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This past weekend revolved around food–particularly yesterday. On top of making these delicious and unique tostadas, I made spicy queso dip (with my new cast iron skillet!), and jalapeño margaritas. I’ll post both recipes soon. Back to the tostadas, though. The tostadas were beyond flavorful and spicy! I have a relatively low spice tolerance, so I added extra sour cream to calm the burn. :)

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