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Cookies //

exhibit a. [brown butter toffee cookies w. flaky sea salt]
a real winner. [chewy chocolate & peanut butter cookies]
best of both worlds. [brookies]
the top spot. [butterfinger cookies]
family favorite. [oatmeal raisin cookies]
sweet & salty. [brown butter toffee cookies]
win them over. [snickers blondies]
could’ve fooled me. [vegan chocolate chip cookies]
finally Friday. [banana trifle w. vanilla bean custard, whipped cream, wafers & caramel]
my weakness. [soft & chewy snickerdoodles]
sharing is caring. [chewy lemon sugar cookies]
give back. [Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale – Los Angeles]
that’s the way the cookie crumbles. [old-fashioned peanut butter cookies]
white Christmas. [white chocolate, cranberry & macadamia nut cookies]
sugar & spice. [pumpkin cookies w. orange buttercream frosting]
just a spoonful. [autumn trifle w. roasted apples, pears & pumpkin-caramel sauce]
all bark, all bite. [chocolate peppermint bark cookies]
phi-licious sugar rush. [sugar cookies]
cookie monster. [oatmeal, raisin & cinnamon cookies]