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can’t stop, won’t stop. [homemade pork dumplings]

February 1st, 2021 by | comments

Homemade dumplings are like Cheez-Its for me – I literally CAN’T stop eating them. I could easily eat 10-15 dumplings in one sitting and still want to go back for more. These pork dumplings are incredibly juicy and flavorful, and made even more delicious when dunked into some Chinese black vinegar or soy sauce for an extra bite. Although folding the dumplings is somewhat of a tedious process, the end result is completely worth it. If the process seems too daunting, just bring in a couple friends or family to help so you can enjoy the dumplings even sooner!

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wrap it up. [red chili oil pork wontons]

July 2nd, 2020 by | comments

These red chili oil wontons are mouth watering packages of deliciousness. The savory and juicy pork filling pairs perfectly with the heat of the chili oil. Serve the wontons as an appetizer or as the main course for dinner alongside vegetable fried rice, garlic green beans, marinated bok choy, diced cucumber with your leftover chili oil – the options are endless! continue reading ››

steamy. [pork & vegetable potstickers]

April 11th, 2017 by | comments

Over the past year, Asian cuisine has become one of my favorites. I can’t get enough of potstickers, dumplings, noodle dishes – you name it. Because of this newfound love, I was inspired to make homemade potstickers. These pork potstickers were incredibly delicious and relatively simple to make. The only somewhat difficult part was crimping the potstickers – primarily because I’m a perfectionist!

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