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gobble gobble. [pumpkin pie w. graham cracker crust, cinnamon crunch & bourbon-maple whipped cream]

December 1st, 2014 by | comments


Happy belated Thanksgiving! I spent the holiday at home with my family eating mass amounts of food and drinking copious amounts of wine. We typically celebrate Thanksgiving at a family friend’s home, but since they were out of town this year, we gobbled up the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes at my house. I made this decadent pumpkin pie for dessert and it was a huge hit. Although time-consuming, the pie was absolutely worth all the effort!

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guest post at ‘ang sarap.’ [blackberry fool w. cayenne]

June 22nd, 2012 by | comments

I was recently asked to guest blog for one of my favorite food bloggers, Raymund from Ang Sarap. I was truly honored when I received his e-mail. Head over to Ang Sarap to check out my guest post.

Since it’s been an insanely busy and hectic work week, I’m anticipating a relaxing weekend ahead. Unfortunately, that meant I had to put cooking and blogging on the back burner. I did, however, find time to whip up this simple and gorgeous blackberry fool–healthy for a dessert, too. ;) Are you catching onto this theme over the past few weeks? Well, we’ll see how long that lasts. ;)

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berries and cream. [strawberry shortcake w. fluffy homemade whipped cream]

April 12th, 2011 by | comments


I’m not sure what spurred my idea to make strawberry shortcake, other than the sheer fact that I hadn’t baked anything in a while. I wanted to bake something simple and quick, as I’d already worked a video shoot all morning this past Sunday.

I found the recipe on the Food Network website and was extremely pleased with the result. Once the shortcake absorbed the juices of the fresh strawberries macerated in sugar, the dessert was even more incredible. The moist cake, fluffy homemade whipped cream and sweet and slightly softened strawberries made for a deliciously divine combination.

I may or may not have devoured the entire shortcake in the photo above for breakfast. :)

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