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the gang’s all here. [pickled red onions & pickled cauliflower]

May 29th, 2014 by | comments


I know I’m late, but I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! My brother and his girlfriend flew in from Atlanta, so I spent the weekend at my parents’ house with my entire family. It was so nice to have everyone home–we had a wonderful time eating, drinking and laying out by the pool.

We hosted a dinner party over the weekend and my boyfriend and I were in charge of pickling the onions and cauliflower for the salad (will post salad recipe soon). The pickled onions and cauliflower turned out delicious–and the pickling process was so easy!

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can it. [homemade dill pickles]

August 30th, 2012 by | comments

Lately, I’ve seen multiple ‘canning’ posts floating around the blogosphere, which made me realize that I’d never canned anything before. My mom and I decided to give it a go, and canned pickles and peach jam. What a combo, right? Both turned out delicious–separately, of course.

Since I won’t post until next week, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. I leave for San Francisco tomorrow night–can’t wait!

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