stack ’em. [bacon, egg & spinach breakfast stacks]

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You might not believe me (or, you might) when I tell you that this is a Weight Watchers recipe. My mom and I made a few of the recipes while I was home this past weekend, and I’ve got to tell you–they’re fantastic!

We made these bacon, egg and spinach stacks on Mother’s Day morning. One breakfast cup was the perfect amount of food to tide us over before lunch at the country club. Though I’m not on the diet, I will most definitely make these again.


6 small redskin potatoes

9 oz. fresh spinach

1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese

2 large eggs

2 tbsp. fresh chives

6 slices uncooked Canadian-style bacon

1 cup low-fat shredded cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place muffin liners in a 12-hole muffin tin.

Wash and steam potatoes until just done or slightly underdone, about 10-15 minutes; cool immediately. Slice each potato into four rounds; set aside.

In a small bowl, combine ricotta, cheese, egg and chives.

Place a middle slice of potato in the bottom of each muffin hole so it lays flat. Top each with a quarter slice of bacon, 1 heaping teaspoon of ricotta cheese mixture, about 2 tablespoons of spinach, about 1 tablespoon of cheddar cheese, another bacon quarter, and another heaping teaspoon of ricotta mixture. Finish stacks by placing remaining potato slices on top and sprinkling with a few remaining shreds of cheese.

Bake stacks until fully set and ricotta is cooked through, about 30-35 minutes, and then transfer to racks to continue cooling. Remove liners and serve warm.

Recipe from Weight Watchers.

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46 thoughts on “stack ’em. [bacon, egg & spinach breakfast stacks]”

  1. Weight Watchers?! No way! These look so good. I don’t know how you only ate one. I feel like I could half a dozen. But … then I guess I’d need Weight Watchers, so now it’s starting to all make sense. :)

      1. Wow, you’ve got some real self control! I can’t stop thinking about these mini cups today ……………

  2. Caroline these are fantastic, and i guess it is all about how MUCH you eat! I love these but would have trouble with only one!! This is an idea i will work with for sure! c

  3. Caroline, do you have the nutritional information for these? They look amazing!!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you! I know they’re 3 points for Weight Watchers, but the ww website doesn’t list the calorie count. I looked them up on a different website, and it says they’re 107.5 calories each. :)

      1. Wow! I don’t have to feel guilty for having a few of them! Yay!

        Keep em coming!

  4. I’ll join the chorus, Caroline. There’s no way I’d be stopping after one. These look too good not to have a few.

  5. Weight Watchers should know.. they’ve been at it for a lotta years! Excellent little snackies.. they’d do as a nice appetizer too I think!

  6. I’m not surprised it’s a weight watchers recipe…everything in there is pretty nutritious and it’s not a sugar bomb or anything. It looks great, love that you put them in muffin cups and bake. Yum!

  7. These look fabulous! Potatoes, ricotta and bacon??? When do mine arrive? Hope you had a fantastic visit. Oh how I love baked breakfast…

  8. What a fabulous brunch idea for a party. Can you just imagine how gorgeous they would look on a tray and so easy to pick up and EAT for guests. I am loving these! And from WW?! What’s not to love?! I am Pinning it now for future reference. Love this one Caroline! Have a wonderful weekend (can you tell I am pretending that it’s Friday? If I just keep wishing it is so, I am sure it will magically turn into Friday).

    Oh, miss grammar queen…I have a question…which is correct, “I am her” or “I am she”? It’s the first line of my post…it’s chocolate so you have my permission to skip it but it’s driving me crazy thinking I may have a grammatical error in it.

    1. They were super easy to pick up and eat–once cooled, though! We couldn’t wait though so we ate them with a fork, straight out of the oven. I honestly could have eaten three, but knew I’d be in trouble if I wasn’t hungry for Mother’s Day brunch. ;) Ugh, tell me about it. Feels like Friday for me too…soooo soon!
      I’ve been behind on posts lately, I’ll head over to yours right now! I believe it should be “I am she,” because if you switch it around, you’d say “she is” not “her is”…let’s hope I’m not wrong here haha.

  9. There’s no way I could stop at one. These are great! And only 3 points? Awesome. Sounds like you had a good Mother’s day!

  10. Hi Caroline – Weight Watchers actually has some really nice recipe ideas. My wife and I both did the diet a while back (it works really well too!) – I bet these make for awesome breakfasts, although they do have all the flavours which would make it hard for me to say no to more, lol :D

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