ultimate foodie feast fest. [OC Foodie Fest 2010]

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Ultimate might even be an understatement for the OC Foodie Fest. Today was complete insanity—thousands of empty stomachs (8,500 to be exact), 49 food trucks and lines that serpentined throughout the Honda Center parking lot.  But the dozens of mouth-watering aromas wafting into our nostrils built the anticipation during the 45 minute to hour-long lines to indulge—and indulge we did.

The best tactic for the event was to divide and conquer. My dad waited in line at Fresh Fries, my mom stood in line at Uncle Lou’s and my friend Dana and I anxiously waited in line at Don Chow. Because of the lengthy waits, we were only able to squeeze four food trucks into our three-hour visit. Our last stop was at the Buttermilk food truck. We definitely saved the best for last.

Although we did not get to experience the Nom Nom truck, as it sold out of food early, I honestly don’t think we could have taken one more bite of food after Buttermilk (the fourth truck). We were all in a terrible food coma, but in the best way possible.

Overall, OC’s first foodie fest met my expectations and I would love for it to become a tradition every year. That is if food trucks are still all the rave next year—let’s hope so!

Below are photos of all the delicious foods we tasted at the event. One of my favorites was the sweet potato fries topped with a heaping dollop of peanut butter and Nutella and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Well, I enjoyed everything except the Nutella, since I’m not a chocolate fan (weird, I know). I also loved the chinese bbq pork taco from Don Chow. Great flavor and a unique combination of ingredients.

Photo at top: Housemade cake donuts dusted with powdered sugar and coated with a cinnamon vanilla glaze from Buttermilk.

Below: BBQ Beef Brisket from Uncle Lau’s.

Below: Pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw from Uncle Lau’s.

Below: (Left) Peanut Buttercup: Sweet potato fries topped with Nutella and peanut butter. (Right) Stinky Pinky: Natural fries topped with grilled onions and thousand island sauce. Both from Fresh Fries.

Below: Fiesta Fries: Green chili guacamole with sour cream over natural fries from Fresh Fries.

Below: (Left to right) Chinese bbq pork, kung pao chicken and carne asada tacos from Don Chow.

Below: Red velvet chocolate chip pancake bites from Buttermilk.

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