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finger lickin’ good. [sautéed chicken breasts w. mustard, brandy & white wine cream sauce]

March 18th, 2011 by | comments

I visited home last weekend to see my family and beloved pup, Chloe. My dad was leaving on a business trip the next morning, so I was glad I got to see him before he left. He half jokingly asked if I was going to make dinner that night, and since I wasn’t doing anything productive, I agreed to his request. I found this recipe for sautéed chicken breasts with a mustard, brandy and white wine cream sauce on the Epicurious website.

The cream sauce was absolutely fantastic. I frequented the stove top a few times too many just to spoon more over my chicken. The subtle woody taste of the brandy with the accent of sweet white wine were a delicious backdrop to the prominent flavor of Dijon mustard. I was extremely tempted to lick my plate clean of the excess sauce.

On that note, I highly recommend making this dish–it’s one of my favorite recipes I’ve made in a while.

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fresh & easy. [lemon cream whole grain penne pasta w. chicken & sautéed asparagus]

March 8th, 2011 by | comments

Last week, I cooked my first homemade meal in the new apartment. I attempted to work with the ingredients already in the fridge, but had to run to the store to buy a few items. I already had whole grain penne, so I based my meal off of this item.

I wanted to make a somewhat healthy pasta, since I would be working with whole grain noodles. I bought fresh asparagus and planned to steam it; however, we have yet to buy a saucepan that our steamer can fit in. So, I went with plan B and instead sautéed the asparagus in olive oil, lemon and pepper.

Not having the correct sized saucepan was a blessing because the slightly browned asparagus infused with lemon gave the pasta that extra pop of flavor it needed. This recipe makes enough pasta for days and heats up well. I can vouch for that, as I’ve brought it to work for the past two days!

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